180 Degrees

An anime-themed visual novel created by Ryne Dorig
CSUSM VPA 302 Fall '08
Navigate using buttons to the left

You play as a college student, going to visit his long-distance female friend after five years since meeting each other. However, things don't seem to go well with the two of you...

Julia, the girl you're visiting.
Anna, your younger sister.
Aurelia (pron. o-reh-lee-a), your older sister.
Mikaela (pron. mi-kay-la), your friend in your college classes.
Ryan, your male friend, your homie in college.

I've created this work in response to my summer vacation in 2008. I consider it to be one of the most important transitions of my life, as it deals with my identity and where I'm going in life. This work was created using Adobe Flash CS4, using ActionScript 2.0 (would use 3.0 if I knew how), on my recently built PC, on Windows Vista (5.6 rating).

The character names you see are based on the summer 2008 trip, from a collaborative work, as well as real-life friends.

All artwork and music are appropriated from the anime PC visual novel (or dating sim, whatever) "Nagisa No," from the company "Cotton Soft." In my opinion, their artworks are the best out of visual novels/dating sims so far.

This Flash takes about 11-15 minutes from start to end, given if you're speed-reading it.

Enjoy! Also, if you'd like, ask me about my previous work, "Dating Sim," which uses the same medium as this flash.