Me - Ryne Dorig, silent protaginist, compiler
Julia - Abigail (Abby) Padilla, voice
Mikaela - Laica, Ryan Salenga's g/f
Aurelia - Jessica Bustos, voice
Anna - Richelle Dorig, voice
Ryan - Ryan Salenga, voice

Cotton Soft - for the artwork in their games (potentially NSFW)

My parents - for my existence
Tim Miller (performance artist) - for inspiration
Everyone in VSAR 310: Performance art - for treating me like family
Judit Hersko & Judy Bauerlein - my professors for inspiration
Everyone who planned the VPA 302 art exhibition on 12/06/08

Screenshot of the game Nagisa No, where I appropriated artwork.

The above screenshot is of "Nagisa No," the visual novel where I ripped artwork from to use in this Flash.

Thank you for playing! ^_^